Master/Postgraduate Diploma in Contemporary Diplomacy

Enjoy stimulating online learning without taking time off work.
We are accepting applications for the 2012 Master/Postgraduate Diploma in Contemporary Diplomacy.
Application deadline extended to 17 October 2011.

2012 diplomacy courses

Plan early for the new year! Starting in February 2012 we offer our popular courses:

Apply by 19 December for University of Malta accredited courses or by 16 January 2012 for Diplo certificate courses.

Watch a video about studying online with Diplo



Dissertation Library

Graduates of the Master in Contemporary Diplomacy share their dissertation research on a wide range of topics.


Diplo’s portal on Internet governance:

The enormous impact the Internet has had on our lives has heightened the need to manage it, promote its benefits and raise awareness of its risks. Through its Capacity Building programmes, courses, events and other initiatives, Diplo has opened the doors into the world of Internet governance for hundreds of professionals, assisting them to participate in the diplomatic process, and to help shape the global policy debate. Visit


Capacity Development in ICT policy and IG for Africa - Caribbean - Pacific (ACP)

Learn more about Diplo’s EU funded two-year project - on ICT policy and Internet governance - with seven ACP partner institutions. The project focuses on building sub-regional and regional capacity while promoting an intra-ACP learning network. Visit Our Constituents

New certificate course in humanitarian diplomacy

Humanitarian diplomacy mobilises public and government support and resources for humanitarian operations and programmes, and facilitates effective partnerships for responding to the needs of vulnerable people. Read more, and apply by 7 December for the new Certificate Programme in Humanitarian Diplomacy offered by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and Diplo.


Diplo tweets on climate!

Join our online community, share your knowledge, access resources and talk to others interested in climate change. You can now also follow us on Twitter where we spread the dialogue even further with focus on  the nexus between climate change, small and developing states, and diplomacy.

Join Diplo’s social networks! 

Follow us on Twitter (@DiplomacyEdu) and join us on Facebook for updates and news on diplomacy and related subjects. The latest news from Diplo is also broadcasted regularly on our social networks.

We have dedicated a special space for our E-diplomacy projects too. Subscribe to our blog, follow @ediplomat on Twitter, and join our E-diplomacy page on Facebook. Spread the word!


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